How To Make Your Own Cards Against Humanity

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No mattter weather your looking to print your own cards against humanity mian game or creating your custume cards or own game, your going to need to know how to print your cards.

Printing your own Cards Against humanity can take two hours of printing and cutting and youll need white 80g card stock. Where making your own custume cards or game can take a few hour more making the cards ina cards making tool before download them and printing them.

Printing you own Cards Against Humanity Game

When your Printing the cards Against Humanity main game, you’ll be here for two reason you may not be able to buy the game in your country or you look at saving a few dollars by doing the printing.

I Printed my own Cards Against Humanity Game in about 2 hours of printing and cutting playing cards at the cost of about $15.00 for the white 80g cards Stock need.

First thing you need to now, this is the old replaced 1.5 version of the cards againist humanity game ,So if you compear the Cards Against Humanity game you can buy at amazon – (link to amazon) for exmaple you’ll so there are diffence.

Download the the card images for the Cards Against Humanity is Free, you can download it here – ( link offical cards against humanity game free ).

you get 50 less cards and your printing old whether you have decided to make a cards against humanity game to play a few rounds to see if the game is for you, or all you want to spend the least to get your hands onto the game cards this guide is for you.

What do you need to print your own Cards Against Humanity Game

What do Need
A computer or device: First you need a computer or device to download the make your own PDF from the cards against humanity website.
Cards Against HumanityPDFThis make your own PDF gives you the cards to print, the rules of the game and some instructions on making your own cards against humanity game.
PrinterYou will need to own or have access to a black-and-white printer to print the card images from the PDF, and the playing instructions if you wish.

A black-and-white printer Is all you need you just need to make sure that you can fit cardboard stock into the printer paper feed tray.

If you haven’t used your black-and-white printer for a while it’s a good idea to do a printer alignment or Calibrate your printer to make sure you printer is working it best and get a Black ink cartridge if the ink cartage is low or has dried out.
Card Stock and Pape80 g card stock is needed if you are looking at having it making a set of cards that will last a little while. However some people making a one night only game may use have used standard A4 paper.

The cards against humanity make your own guide recommends for you to use a minimum of 80 g card stock – ( link to amazon), I would also recommend this 80 g can’t stop tends to be tends to fit into most standard black and white in colour printers.

4: Arts and craft equipment: – Do you need some basic arts and craft, the guillotine and ruler however stained a craft knife suffices stay in a craft knife is sufficient. A small guillotine if you have one will save you a lot of time.

5: Time : – to cut out the cards and put them in a storage box.

How to Making you’r Own Cards Against Humanity Game

1: Using your computer or device go to the cards against look for can click on the download for free botton – link to download for free site and down you the make your own game pdf. The device you are using need to be connected to a printer

2: Using a Printer you load your 80g cards Stock in the printer and printer the make your own pdf from cards against humanity. you want to print the Pdf single-sided, or you’ll have two card images back to back and have to reprinter them.

3: Then using gelatine or a ruler and craft knife ( or scissors) cut the card out keeping to the line of the cards. this is going to take same time. you need to spend same time here, to make sure there are no sharp edges on the cards.

5:when you have the 550 cards cut and your happy with them, put them on a storage box.

How much does it cost to make cards against humanity cost

The first myth about making your own cards against humanity game is that it’s free.

Even though downloading the PDF print for the cards against humanity game is free it’s going to cost you some money to buy the 80 g card stock required to print the cards.

When looking at cost alone making the cards save money more money when compare to buying the professionally made game on the best discount offered, but it’s still not free.

The price of the 80g card stock may be different where you live, it cost me around $15.00. I already had a craft knife and ruler and a black and white printer i use a lot so it could have cost more.

When I made my own game when I made my own cards against humanity game i did same research on the cards stock to use and found that Accent Opaque White 80lb, 8.5” x 11” Cardstock Paper – (link to Amazon) was the 80lb cards stock most people i talked to recommended.

the pack give you 250 sheet of 80g white cards stock which all you need and give you same pair for reprint and if you decide to make a few blank card to write your own jokes cards for your game. Although you do need to keep an eye on shipping cost if this is the only item you ordering. I liked the 2 days free shipping a had with Amazon prime.

But it can cost a lot more if you need to buy black printer ink after doing a printer alignment or Calibrating your printer for best print cards your printer can make. Or maybe you don’t have a craft knife and ruler or a galantine to cut the card out after they are printed.

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If you end up need more than just the 80g card stock you can be paying as much to make the game card deck as it would cost you to buy the professionally printer game with box and everything.

how long does it take to make

Apart from access to a good black-and-white printer, the next challenge you need to overcome to create your own cards is the time in the craft skills to cut out 550 cards. I found its a big challenge for me, taking between 2 and 3 hours to cut out all 550 cards to a good standard so they fit well in the hand and don’t have sharp edges.

I can see if people haven’t made a game before or they are not confident in their arts and craft skills a lot of people and many people decide to just buy the Cards Against Humanity Game – ( link to amazon)

was it worth it to make your own cards against humanity game

I can see how somebody who loves the arts and crafts would enjoy doing this making their own game that is, and I can see why someone might print out this game on sheet paper to try it with friends once or twice with a few drinks.

However I don’t see somebody who wants to play a number of games or wants to keep this game long-term making their own cards, because the cards just aren’t that good in the end.

They just don’t have that professional finish and win the cards and when you’re playing the cards sometimes it’s difficult to tell which of the black cards which is the black card deck and which is the black card dick.

So yes I have played a number of games With the cards against humanity game that I made, however after a dozen or so games with my friends I bought the professionally printed Cards Against Humanity Game – ( link to Amazon) and have never looking back.

Make your Own Custime Cards

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In Closing

Enclosing making my own cards was a fun learning experience which cost a lot more money than I wanted to spend, and did take a lot more time than I intended on spending on this project but it was fun in the end.

So you now you know how to make your own cards against humanity. Sometimes people have some secondary questions after making their game, the most common and second question is how do you play cards against vanity. The good news is this is included in the PDF you downloaded.

Second question and number of people have asked is what about cards against humanity expansion packs, There are plenty of expansion packs that you can buy or download and make in the same way as you’ve made this game.

In the final question I’ve been asked a number of times is how do you make blank cards to customise your own jokes or phrases to put into the game,Well I’m going to cover this in another article which you can find here.

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How To Make Your Own Cards Against Humanity Game