How Many Cards In Cards Against Humanity Box

When your looking play or buy the Cards Against Humanity game, many people ask How many cards in cards Against Humanity box. 

The Cards Against Humanity base game gives you 600 cards in the current in the Card Against Humanity Main Game Box. 2.0 edition.

Now to get the current cards against humanity base game which well give you 600 game cards you need to be sure you have or are getting the 2.0 edition of the game.

However the older edition of the cards against humanity base game with that give you less cards is still for sale.

Note: I have be contacted by a few read, who have read this article and accidently bought the older cards against humanity 1.5 edition game online.

So i have added a product link to the Cards Against Humanity 2.0 edition game – ( link to which is a base game that gives you 600 cards.

Lets take a minute so see how many cards the two Cards Against Humanity Editions gives you more detail, which include how many black cards and white cards you get, what edition the game maker recommended you to get.

Cards Against Humanity 2.0 Edition

The 2.0 edition of the cards against humanity game is the newest biggest and best release of the game to date.

The current Cards Against Humanity 2.0 edition Base set Game gives you 600 cards in the box, So you get 100 black question cards and 500 white answer cards in the game.

No only giving you 50 more cards, it also give you 150 new cards, so its just a bigger and better version of game.

Now we know the game edition you want to get the 600 game, Let have a look at the older edition how many cards you get in the game box.


There is a Older Cards Against Humanity Game Box with less Cards

There is a older cards against humanity main game version which gives you less cards so be careful if your looking to pick up the game for the first time.

The older cards against humanity main game v1.5 only has 550 cards in the game box which giving you 50 less cards, 90 black question cards and 450 white answer cards.

Now if you buy the game online thought a good retailer or thought cards against humanity them self you’ll get the latest game version. However you might find the older version of the game with other online retailer and in same stores. 

You can check which version of the game you have by looking on the back of the game box you can see the version on the bottom right-side.  You see v1.5 which is the older version, or v2.0 which is the latest version of the game

How Many Cards In Cards Against Humanity Expansion Box

The seconds Card expansion Box Type is the Standard Expansion Box. which gives you 300 cards in each Expansion Box. Now the Black Question Cards And white Answer Cards Mix can be different between the five Expansion Boxes.

All 5 Expansion Box can give you 1,500 new playing cards, on top of there 600 cards in the main Cards Against Humanity game that over 2,100 cards.

Expansion BoxesBlack CardsWhite CardsTotal Cards in Box
Everything Box
Absurd Box
Green Box
Blue Box
Red Box

How Many Cards In Cards Against Humanity Theme Pack Expansion Box

The third card box is more of a Pack. Commonly called a Cards Against Humanity Theme Pack because they add them cards. Instead of 600 cards or 300 cards main game and main expansion boxes a theme Pack give you 30 cards.

The 30 cards in each them pack give you 10 black question cards and 20 white answer cards around a theme. There are over 18 themes to add to your main game sold single and in bundles that can add hundreds of theme pack cards.

There is one Cards Against Humanity Box with No Cards

Beware the same boxes like the Bigger Blacker Box are not card expansion boxes and don’t give you more playing cards.

This box is a theme pack and a Storage Box so when your standard main game box is to small to hold all of your cards after you have a few expansion box, you have a nice box storage box that can hold every card in the cards against humanity game in one place.

In the Bigger Blacker Box – (link to box it tells you the main game is sold separately and it has a few cards surprises

Final Words

The More cards you play play in your next cards against humanity game gives you a longer and more in depth game with more shocks and laughter.

So more cards is always better.

If you have yet play the main game try it it give you hour of laugh and fun..and  if you have played the main game try a expansion box to add more question or a theme pack you like to add more flavor in the questions to your next game.

If your looking for all of the cards you can get for the cards against humanity you’ll find all the cards based expansion and theme pack a amazon – ( link to

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