Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game

Are you looking for a fast and easy way to make cards against humanity a drinking game. i did, and after plays hundreds of game i find there’s one simple thing you can do to make you next game a fun drinking game.

Many people ask how to make Cards Against Humanity a drinking game. It’s as easy as adding a drinking penalty for losing each round in the game with 100 drinks in a game.

Now you know the simple answer keep read to get a more detail on the one simple thing you can do to turn your next cards against humanity game into a drinking game.

How To Make Cards Against Humanity A Drinking Game

Making the Cards Against Humanity a drinking game, is fast and easy as long as you keep it simple. Just by adding a drinking penalty for losing the each round in the game is a great way a make it a drinking game.

So there’s no changes to flavor of cards against humanity weather you play a basic game of one of the may alternative games and rules you play.

Let drive in.

The simple thing you need to understand for the drinking penalty to make cards against humanity a drinking game is the number of rounds in the game and drinks in the game depends on the number of black questions cards you have in you’r game box.

If you’re playing with any edition of the main game box you’ll have one hundred black cards. So in the game you can have 100 rounds and 100 drinks before the game comes to it natural end by running out of black question cards.

All Cards Against Humanity Main Game (v2.0) also have 100 black cards, so they all have the same number of rounds and drinks in a game.

Main Game Boxes Black Cards in Box Rounds in Game Drinks in Game Total Cards In Box
US Edition v2.0 100 100 100 600
UK Edition v2.0 100 100 100 600
CA Edition v2.0 100 100 100 600
AU Edition v2.0 100 100 100 600

How Many Drinks in a Game

The First question most people have is How Many drinking can you have in a game of cards against humanity. The simple answer is 100 drinks in a game. Like the number of rounds in a game the number of drinks are depends on the number of black cards in the game box.

How Many Rounds in a Game

The Next import thing to know about the drinking game is there can be 100 rounds in a game, becuase like the number of drinks you have in the game the number of rounds in the game dependes how many black questions cards you in the game box.

The game comes to its natural end after 100 round because you have run out of the black cards. Now you don’t have to play the full rounds in a game if you don’t want to.

You can stop the game at anytime.

Drinking Penalty

The Drinking Penalty in the Cards Against Humanity drinking game is a easy as you lose you drink, and you have to finish the drink to continue to play the game.

Now if you play a full game you could drinking up to 100 drinks in one game its a good idea for every player to have the same glass or bottle size and to drink the same alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink.

A drinking penalty can be any one of the following:

  • 1 x shoot glass or spirts
  • 1 x glass of mixed drinks
  • 1 x glass of beer

I have found the best drink to be with shoots of spirts or small glass of mixed drinks and the worst drink to be a glass of carbonated drinks like beer when drinking play a game with up to 100 drinks in it.

How to Win the Game or End the Game.

The game comes to a natural end after 100 rounds, were the player that has won the most blacks wins the game. Now you dont have the play all the rounds in a game if you don’t won’t to, you can end the game at anytime.

Or you can set a black cards limit to win, where the first player to win 10 black cards wins.

How To Play the Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game

This Game is based on the basic Cards Against Humanity Game using the united States (US) Edition of the main game. Toplay the Basic Game you’ll need 4 or more people to play.

Cards Against Humanity box Minimum Number of PlayersAverage Number of Players Maximum Number of Players
Main Game 4 – Player4 – 1020 + Players
Cards Against Humanity box Shortest Game TimeAverage Game Time Longest Game Time
Main Game 30 Minutes60 Minutes90 Minutes
How to Play the Basic cards Against Humanity Drinking Game

To Start the Game, picking a Card czar, The person who most recently pooped or has the closest birth month becomes the Card Czar.

Then the card czar shuffles the white cards deck and counts out 10 cards (face down) for each player.

The Card Czar starts the game by turn over the first and plays a Black Card. The Card Czar turn over the black question card and reads the cards dramatically.

Everyone else playing answer the black card questions ( fills in the blacks with a white answer card) by placing one white card face down to the card’s czar.

The Card Czar picks up the white answer cards, and reads the black card question and the white card answer unit all the player answer have been read.

The cards Czar picks your white cards answer card you are the winner of the round, you keep black cards

Drinking Penalty:
All of the losing players in the round, drink (can be a shoot, or a glass of spirts or a glass of any mixed drink) the drink must be finish before the game start the next round.

New Round Starts:
A new round of the game starts with the position of card czar moving to the person on the right and any player the needs more white card picking up to 10 white cards from the white card desk.

End of the game and winner
When you have no more black question cards left in the game. it time from each player to count up the black cards they have won, the player how has won the most black cards wins the game.

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Cards Against Humanity Drinking Game